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A Western Application to the Law for having it all

General understanding and Instruction for the proper use of All RUDAR Products:


What is RUDAR?

RUDAR is a Western application for being in charge of your Thoughts, Words, and Actions. It is how Creation Manifests you as well, GOOD or BAD!.

Being consciously in charge of your thoughts, words, and actions, is The Secret Formula for Winning, for having it all.

RADAR is built on a foundation for bringing into your life Radiant Health, Abundant Wealth, Magnetic Beauty, and Amazing Happiness; It is the quintessence of life.

Once you have the RUDAR foundation in place, you can have virtually anything you desire, as long as it is good.

RUDAR is a two-fold solution.

First, Rudar is A SUPER FILTER. It is designed to get rid of all the garbage built up and continuously deposited in your subconscious mind that has been holding you back day after day, week after week, year after year from winning.

The RUDAR Method and protocol greatly assist in filtering out poisons and toxins that are Infecting your subconscious mind by dissolving your negative thinking.

Blockages are markedly broken down, barriers and obstacles are decidedly overcome, allowing you to throw off the shackles of bondage so you can finally cast off the ball and chain around your neck that have been forever so long preventing you from overcoming your essential challenge,

Second, RUDAR is structured in a precise way. Like a combination code, there is an exact sequence that must be followed for opening the lock to overcome your greatest challenge and achieve your highest goal.

RUDAR greatly helps raise your vibrations, moving toward becoming in harmony with the vibrations of your godforce.

Once your vibrations start to elevate, your entire body, mind, and soul undergo a quickening, and you begin to co-create with this force virtually any way you choose, AS long as it is good!

What RUDAR can do:
RUDAR sets you up for, and DRAMATICALLY ACCELERATES YOUR WIN! Not only can it navigate you to where you want to go, but it can also keep you there!

What you can expect:
Applying the Rudar Method each day or night raises your vibrations daily, the positive effects are cumulative.

You may very well find yourself receiving comments that come from random people's amazing reaction to your new persona that gets YOU to stop for a moment and take a hard look at yourself.

You begin to realize how much of a transformation you have made in such a short time.

People who you know, but you have not seen for a while, may comment that you have changed, yet in truth, you have not changed so much as your vibrations have begun to shift to a much higher frequency.

You look different in a really good way. Your personality seems different. People are drawn to you as you are to them in a new and positive way.

Opportunities may very well present themselves for BOTH you and for the special people you are drawn to.

You may find that people love to be in your company; your personality has become infectious.

You look different, you think differently, you talk differently, and you act differently.

Without saying a word people consciously, or unconsciously realize YOU ARE IN IT TO WIN.

RUDAR is a western application of THE LAW, that does precisely that!; And, it's so easy to implement. RUDAR Not only immediately gets you to that place of oneness, but it also keeps you there!

24/7, consciously, and unconsciously you are laser-focused on manifesting your desire.

RUDAR is the demonstration of Thought, Word, and Action; it is a western application OF The Law for having it all.

How to best use RUDAR:
Consistency is the Key. Applying the Rudar Method each day, or at night raises your vibrations daily, the positive effects are cumulative. Like anything else in life, right, or wrong, consistency breeds results.

You brush your teeth each night because if you do not, the toxic poisons you picked up just living life will accumulate and rot and destroy your smile. It does not take long before life gets real bad real quick. Your mind is no different.

Although RUDAR may be applied anytime, it is especially beneficial when used at night, listen to it as you fall asleep. It is easy to use and effective. The key to success with ANY RUDAR Product is in the consistent use of the application, BE CONSISTENT!

A significant component for Winning in life is Focus. It is essential for manifesting your ideal. RUDAR works on both the subconscious and conscious levels. Doing this will keep you on (the oneness) 24/7 to overcome your essential challenge and reach your highest goal.

Before you begin applying your RUDAR, you will want to be clear on where your starting point is so you can be comfortable with where you want to end up. You can always move the bar anytime you wish. RUDAR is designed for you to do exactly that!

One of the primary reasons so many people continue to fail is due to Hormonal and chemical imbalance.

We have no patience, get moody, and are irritable for no apparent reason. We can't think; clearly, we make impulsive decisions, often bad ones. We have difficulty staying focused for any length of time.

We are happy one day and unhappy, or downright miserable the next. We feel stuck in place; we see no solution to our issue. At times we feel boxed in with no way out!

And, due to high stress, many times we suffer from some form of social dysfunction. We drink too much, are overweight, and are secretly miserable. Also, we suffer from some kind of physical ailment to boot, sometimes very serious.

At times we may have experienced and struggled with a loss of mental clarity due to a hormonal and chemical imbalance.

Many of us have lived in this state in some form or another for so long we do not know the Huge difference, what it feels like, what you can accomplish, the incredible power you have once you are NOT!

In most cases, the good news is that it is elementary to reverse these conditions and do it quickly.

If you are struggling with overcoming your greatest challenge or achieving your highest goal, the very first step you MUST take to begin to turn your situation around is the absolute importance of supplementing each day with all 90 organic, plant-based vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals; Not 14, not 34, some of this or some of that, but all 90. If you are not certain you are, then you ARE NOT, GUARANTEED!


Due to the mineral depletion in most soils around the world, it is now all but impossible to get all daily 90 essential nutrients the body MUST HAVE to live a long healthy disease-free life from food alone.

If you are interested in more information on what I consider the best Organic Plant-based Nutrient regiment and protocol on the planet and why click on the
link below.

Youngevity Nutritional Specialists

(Disclosure: I receive no commission or kickback from any Nutritional recommendation or endorsement I give. I offer my years of research and knowledge freely to help as many people as I can who will listen.)


Option II.
If there is a particular area, beyond the four pillars, you want to focus on, such as in overcoming a specific challenge, or reaching your ideal goal, consider picking from the" RUDAR By Category" list.

Option III or IV.
If you do not see the right one for you, found in the RUDAR Category list and feel you would like a RUDAR personally explicitly designed for you, focusing on overcoming your particular challenge, or reaching your ideal goal, consider picking from one of the Advance personalized options.

Option V.
If you are interested in and would like to know more about our one- on- one MASTER CLASS FOR "CURB, OR NIX THE DRINKING HABIT, or achieving and maintaining your desired body weight for life; see details under Option IV, Master Class on our home page.

Click on the Navigation bar "MASTER CLASS" on our home page to review the Class Syllabus and Pricing.

After reviewing any of the RUDAR personalized options, or the MASTER CLASS and whish more information before registering, sign up for a free one on one ½ hour session with me. Just click on the button on our homepage to register for the free 1/2 hour session.

The fact that you're listening to this audio, or watching the video, or reviewing this material, means you're thinking and talking to yourself, or others about your issue. The missing part is the action part. Take ACTION!

There's an old saying before you begin a journey that will most certainly have twists and turns in the roads ahead, obstacles to overcome, and tunnels to go through, take along a guide who's been there before brandishes a big flashlight.